The Four Emperors

3 11 2010

The Four Emperors (四皇, Yonkō?) are the most powerful pirates in the New World. They form a precarious Balance of Power with The Seven Warlords of the Sea and the Marine Headquarters that keeps the world at peace. The group consists of “Shanks”, “Whitebeard”,ch.432 “Kaido”,ch.483 and “Big Mom”.ch.432


The Red-Haired Pirates

14 10 2010

The Red-Haired Pirates (赤髪海賊団, Akagami Kaizokudan?) are a strong crew ruling over the New World, led by Captain Shanks. This crew is responsible for influencing both Monkey D. Luffy and Usopp. The name of their ship is “Red Force” (レッド・フォース号, Reddo Fōsu-gō?). Ten years before the present storyline, they spent a year in Luffy’s home town and became very good friends with Luffy, which led to him wanting to become part of their crew. However, Shanks told him that he was too weak, which angered him. Shanks was also the one who unintentionally supplied Luffy with his Devil Fruit. When a group of mountain bandits hassled the crew in a bar, they didn’t fight back, but once they left, they immediately burst out laughing, saying that pirates are cowards. Luffy was angry at them for not fighting back, since he did not realize that there was no need to retaliate.

Later, after the bandits showed up again when the crew was away, Luffy overheard them saying bad things about Shanks and his crew so Luffy’s temper flared up and he started insulting their leader, Higuma. The bandits easily subdued him and wanted to kill him. Then Shanks and his crew arrived and immediately took control of the situation, easily beating all of the bandits. However, the leader, Higuma the Bear, had escaped out to sea in order to kill Luffy, only to be eaten by a Sea King. Since Luffy could not swim due to his Devil Fruit, he began to sink into the water, but Shanks quickly saved him. Because the Sea King was about to eat Luffy, he dodged it but his left arm was torn off. Shanks shows no regret of this, even saying to Whitebeard he was making a bet on the New Age by losing it. He frightened the monster off simply by staring at it and saying “Get lost”. Later, when the crew finally decided to leave, Luffy said he didn’t want to join Shanks and his crew anymore. Luffy said that he would be a pirate on his own, to which Shanks then said that there was no way that he could become a pirate. Luffy immediately declared his intentions to become an even greater pirate than Shanks and to become the Pirate King, so an amused Shanks gave his signature straw hat to Luffy and said to give back to him once he surpasses Shanks as a pirate.[1]

Usopp‘s connection to the Red Haired Pirates is through his father, Yasopp. When Usopp was young, Yasopp left his family in order to go out to sea, as urged by his wife. Due to how he was raised, Usopp understood that his father left to pursue his dream and harbors no ill will against him–in fact, he wants to become a great sniper and man of the sea like him.[2]They make their first appearance in the present time line after Luffy gets his first bounty, and as a result, they celebrate Luffy’s arrival into the world of piracy. Later on, they contact Whitebeard for unknown reasons, though it seems to somehow relate to Portgas D. Ace and Blackbeard. The World Government fears that the two crews may end up allied with one another, but have decided to simply observe their actions for now.Later, in the Whitebeard War, they are seen upon reaching Marineford, as Shanks stops Admiral Akainu from killing Coby, and Beckman stops Admiral Kizaru from shooting his light laser, as they are about to stop the war. Read the rest of this entry »

Whitebeard Allies

14 10 2010

There are forty-three infamous pirate captains (and so their crews) from the New World who has a friendly relationship with Whitebeard Pirates.They were all under command of Whitebeard during his war against the Marines and The Seven Royal Warlords of the Sea. During this war Monkey D. Luffy, Emporio Ivankov, Buggy and Galdino became too allies of Whitebeard. The Warlord Jimbei is also an ally of Whitebeard as he refused to battle against him and lost his title as a Warlord of the Sea. In the past Whitebeard freed his people from the World Government. Read the rest of this entry »

The Whitebeard Pirates

14 10 2010

The Whitebeard Pirates (白ひげ海賊団, Shirohige Kaizokudan?) are the strongest pirate crew in the world. They are led by Captain Whitebeard, also known as by his real name, Captain Edward Newgate, who was the only person to have ever tied with Gol D. Roger in a fight. The Whitebeard Pirates are divided into sixteen divisions of one hundred men, each led by a high ranking Whitebeard Pirate.[21] Following the death of Whitebeard, their fate is as of yet unknown. The name of their ship is “Moby Dick” (モビーディック号, Mobī Dikku-gō?) Read the rest of this entry »


13 10 2010

Kaido (カイドウ, Kaidō?) is one of the Four Emperors. Not much is known about Kaido’s personality, but he appears to be a ruthless warrior, slaying Gecko Moria‘s entire crew ten years ago and was planning to attack Whitebeard during the latter’s attempt to save Ace from execution. As one of the Four Emperors, Kaido is one of the strongest pirates in the world. He attempted to take Whitebeard’s life, which is something that few would dare, and managed to clash with Shanks. He also once fought on equal grounds against the Warlord, Moria, until he somehow gained the upper hand and became victorious.

Big Mom

13 10 2010

Big Mom

Big Mom (ビッグ・マム, Biggu Mamu?) is one of the Four Emperors. As one of the Four Emperors, Big Mom is one of the four (now three, due to Whitebeard’s death) most powerful pirates in the world. Along with Kaido, Big Mom has yet to make an actual appearance.