The World Noble

15 11 2010

The World Nobles (Sekai Kizoku, 世界貴族), also known as the Tenryuubito (天竜人, lit. Heavenly Dragon Folks), are the descendants of the Twenty Kings who established what is now known as the World Government. In the Viz Manga and FUNimation subs, “Tenryuubito” was accurately translated as Celestial Dragons. They are first mentioned in Chapter 496 and Episode 390

These are the people who are allowed to live in the Holy Land of Mariejois. However, due to their connection to the World Government, they constantly abuse their power and look down on the people below them, referring to them as commoners. They can be sometimes seen walking around Sabaody Archipelago, but are disconnected to the point that they wear resin bubbles over their heads to prevent from even breathing the air of the common people.[1] In the case of visiting places out of the Archipelago, they wear other types of helmets, as the bubbles will pop out of the area.[2] Whenever one appears people instantly bow as not to upset them, with the exception of the guards, servants, and slaves that are alongside them.

So far they have shown absolutely no abilities whatsoever, and appear to merely be simply human. However, aside from that they have great pull in the government as well as a vast amount of wealth to do so whatever they please with. Through the power they have with the government, they can order the creation of a bridge to connect to every island for no other reason than simply they wanted to, as well as make any commoner they want to see into a slave of theirs right off the street. They are also completely immune to any form of Justice, as seen where they are allowed to kill anyone that simply crosses their path.

They each also seem to possess a firearm of some kind, but often more than not are quite inefficient using it. Simply relying on the people’s fear of them and their ability to summon an Admiral if they are attacked.

The World Nobles





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