The Foxy Pirates

9 10 2010

The Foxy Pirates (フォクシー海賊団, Fokushī Kaizokudan?) are a diverse group of pirates led by Captain Foxy. Most of the crew is composed mostly of crewmen won through the Davy Back Fight. The name of their ship is “Sexy Foxy” (セクシー・フォクシー号, Sekushī Fokushī-gō?).


Captain Foxy (フォクシー, Fokushī?), nicknamed “Silver Fox” (銀ギツネ, Gin Gitsune?), is the captain of the Foxy Pirates who specializes in the pirate game, Davy Back Fight, in which pirate crews can win crewmen from their Foxy is a cheater and Though he acts supremely confident most of the time, he is extremely sensitive to insults or criticism. Whenever someone insults him he will fall to his knees, but all it takes is a few kind words from anybody to perk him up again. Foxy ate a paramecia Devil Fruit called the Slow-Slow Fruit (ノロノロの実, Noro Noro no Mi?) and gained the ability to emit microscopic particles from his hands which can temporarily slow down any object, reducing the object’s velocity, while preserving its kinetic Foxy’s current bounty is 24,000,000 Berries. He is voiced by Bin Shimada in the Japanese version.ep.207


Porche (ポルチェ, Poruche?) is a member of the Foxy Porche loves that she is worshiped by the men of the crew. She is spoiled and arrogant, but very loyal to Foxy, also having a huge obsession with Chopper, since he is so cute. She refers to him as “Choppy”. Porche’s main weapon is a baton-like weapon that shoots shurikens covered with flowers. She is voiced by Sara Nakayama in the Japanese version.


Hamburg (ハンバーグ, Hanbāgu?) is a member of the Foxy Pirates, and also the leader of the Groggy Hamburg is a huge gorilla-like human who is almost always seen laughing over the dumbest things. Hamburg often carries Foxy around and tends to help him cheat. Though he seems to respect and admire Foxy, he never fails to laugh cheerfully when Foxy fails at something or is insulted. In combat, Hamburg wields dual clubs. He is voiced by Hirohiko Kakegawa in the Japanese version.


Pickles (ピクルス, Pikurusu?), nicknamed “Tackle Demon” (タックルマシーン, Takkuru Mashīn?), is a member of the Foxy Pirates, and is also one of of the Groggy Monsters. Like the rest of the Groggy Monsters, Pickles is a bit dumb and tends to laugh for no reason. He however, seems to be the smartest of three. As a Foxy Pirate, Pickles cheats when opportunity presents itself. In battle, Pickles wields dual falchion swords. He is voiced by Osamu Ryutani in the Japanese version.

Big Pan

Big Bun (ビッグパン, Biggu Pan?) is the largest member of the Foxy Pirates, part of the Groggy Monsters, and is a “Wotan”, which means, he is half Fishman (mudfish) and half Giant. Big Bun is somewhat deaf and slow witted. He is a dumb idiot that laughs alongside his fellow Groggy Monster teammates about the dumbest things. Big Bun is a brutal monster that gives his opponents no quarter. Like the rest of the Foxy Pirates, Big Bun is not above cheating and exploiting loopholes. Big Bun wields gigantic pans. He is voiced by Mahito Oba in the Japanese version




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